Speakers & Roundtable participants

We will have individual speakers and panels. Here is a look at some of our speakers for the day.

Jim McCarten is a longtime attorney who has been named, among other honors, 2017 Lawyer of the Year – Litigation and Controversy – Tax for Metropolitan Atlanta. He has a grown daughter with special needs and is active with numerous disability advocacy and support organizations in both Tennessee and Georgia. Jim currently serves on the Board of Advisors for The Arc Georgia.

Paul Batchelor is the CEO of Developmental Disabilities and Behavior Consultant,  LLC. He is the author of the book, “Help! My Child Has Autism.” He has 28 years working in the special needs arena and is a member of The Southside Support Group and Exceptional Ops Organization.

Scott Sowers is the father of two adult children, one who has Autism and lives at home. Sowers has coached Special Populations baseball for 17 years, co-chaired the Special Needs / Disabilities Ministry at St. John Neumann Church in Lilburn, Ga., worked with the disabilities / special needs committee at the Archdiocese of Atlanta and is a mentor with the Special Fathers Network. He and his wife Sharon wrote and produced the film, ‘Special Needs’ available on pureflix.com

Ben Thames is a minister at Fayetteville Christian Church, the founder of Ignite and has a huge family, including a son with Autism. 

Mark Wallace Maguire is the curator of the blog, “The Special Needs Dad Chronicles” and the author of six books including, “Confessions of a Special Needs Dad.” He is the father of Andrew, an 12-year-old boy who has Cri du Chat Syndrome.

Martin Cowen is a retired judge, longtime attorney, U.S. House of Representatives candidate and the father of two sons, one who has Autism and a Seizure Disorder.